“Building on our ten years of experience with Yachts crews and Yachts owners now facing up to the Coronavirus danger of death, ECO MER association has decided to help its generous donors to protect them with an anti-covid19 disinfection solution – biodegradable, non-toxic, non-corrosive, leaving no residue, at an associative and non-profit making price to give the example of a new post covid19 world united with others!” 

– Our decontamination process destroys viruses (Coronavirus – COVID 19), bacteria, yeasts, spores and fungi, by automatic treatment of AIR and SURFACES with a disinfectant based on Hydrogen Peroxide identical to that used in the hospital environment (operating theaters, recovery rooms, etc.) by a personnel trained for this purpose with Efficiency Standard AFNOR-NF-T-72281 version 11/2014

– An on-site preparation protocol has to be established in order to organize our intervention.

– The treatment must be done in each living space without any other human presence save for our specialized personnel.

– The HYDROPEROX process is perfectly suited for the disinfection of all the premises open to the public: CAPITAINERIES, ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES, CONFERENCE ROOMS, HOTELS

– We deliver a decontamination certificate for your yacht or premises to AFNOR-NF-T-72281 version 11/2014 efficiency Standard for each treatment we carry out for you.



The whole range of our HydroPerox and PeroxHydro disinfection products has been designed with an eco-responsibility and sustainable development approach in mind. Thus, all the products offered by ECO MER are completely biodegradable, perfectly respectful of the environment and harmless to humans.


A 60m yacht can be treated in one or two days depending on the difficulties of access to its living spaces.

The price of the treatment is around 700 euros excluding tax (biocidal products and labor included) with the basic rate: 0.45 € V.A.T. excluded per m3 treated, plus travel costs.